As in Nike's earlier tribute to Bryant, starring the brand's other endorsers, the theme here is the love and hate that Bryant has experienced over the years—depicted in the new spot by the symphony of cheers and jeers" across the stadium, as Nike puts it. Beginning at tipoff tonight, fans will also be able to customize and purchase a limited-edition of the KOBE 11 Mamba Day NIKEiD shoe. The final NIKEiD shoe of his pro career will feature a graphic highlighting eight notable career stats (see below).


Nike is weighing in on the Greek economic crisis with a haunting new ad featuring four competitive athletes from the debt-stricken country. While Under Armour is still well behind Unique Nike Shoes 2016 Online Sale,Nike Air Max,Nike Jordan Shoes Outlet! in terms of revenue, some would argue it has leveled the playing field in terms of quality advertising. Where Nike has long excelled with a combination of flash and humor, UA goes for a gritty, lived feel—getting viewers closer to the beauty and brutality of high-level sports.