It’s no secret that Nike and Adidas don’t get along. The two companies are serious competitors in the sneaker market. One specific example is the Adidas Pure Boosts vs. the Nike. Other than popular sneakers, the Boost technology, overall, has lent to Adidas becoming relevant again in the sneaker market. With that being said, Adidas Pure Boost was designed and constructed to compete with the Unique Nike Shoes 2016 Online Sale,Nike Air Max,Nike Jordan Shoes Outlet!. So, yes the shoes are similar, but which shoe is better? Both shoes are similar in one way; they’re not meant for running; they’re casual leisure sneakers that are meant for walking around. Yes, the Boost technology is incorporated in some of the Adidas’ athletic shoes, however, the Pure Boost is meant to be worn as an everyday kind of shoe.

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If used as a running shoe, the traction would wear out pretty quickly. With that being said, Adidas is known for using more casual/plain colorways in their products. This makes the Pure Boost a bit more versatile. Ultimately, this works in the company’s favor simply because the product wasn’t meant to be worn as a Cheap Nike Shoes Womens. More color in a shoe is ideal for running, however, natural colors can more easily be paired with every-day clothes. The laid back look works better with a neutral design, making the product a bit more appealing since this is what the shoes were designed for.

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